Ground Corn Grain

Manufacturer: "Organika"

Corn grain refers to milled parts of corn kernels of different forms made by separating fruit coat and germ.

Ground Corn Grain

Application range:

  • as an independent food product
  • production of beer, kvass, balsam and malt extracts;
  • production of corn curls, flakes, chips, snacks and cereal breakfast;
  • as a component for production of baby and dietary foods.

Corn grain is characterized by a high content of vitamins of the following groups: , , , , as well as the following trace minerals: iron and silicon. Moreover, it refers to the low allergenic grain, which is especially important for baby food, and is used for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, this grain is used for cooking corn porridge, hominy, soups, bached puddings, and  pie fillers.

Ground corn grain refers to milled and ground corn kernels with shell removed and partially separated from fruit coat and seed cover. Depending on the size of grains, one can identify corn grain in the following way: 1, 2 and 3 refer to large grain, 4 and 5 - to fine grain.

The mentions of corn (maize) cativation by Indians of Peru, Bolivia and Mexico are dated about 5200 BC. The Aztecs and Mayan considered it to be a sacred plant.



Ground Corn Grain 4

GOST 6002-69


Ground Corn Grain 5

GOST 6002-69


Ground Corn Grain Extra Type

GOST  6002-69


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