Ground corn grain №5

Accordong to GOST 6002-69

Manufacturer: OOO "Organika"

Крупа кукурузная шлифованная №5

Ground corn grain №5 – milled parts of corn kernels of different forms made by separating fruit coat and germ, ground, with round sides.

Characteristic Ground №5
Appearance milled, ground corn kernels with round sides
Colour orange
Flavour specific for corn grain, without foreign flavour
Odour specific for corn grain, without foreign odour
Moisture,%, no more than 14
Germ,%, no more than 3
Ash content,%, no more than 0,95
Meal,%, no more than 1,5
Trash,%, no more than 0,3
Metal foreign matter mg per 1 kg, no more than 3
Infection rate (by pests) Not infected

Ground corn grain №5 is used for making products as follows:

  • corn snacks;
  • popcorn;
  • corn curls and rings;
  • cereal breakfasts and flakes;
  • making kvass, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, etc.

Ground corn grain №5 is made from food grade corn: flint, dent, semiflint, semident.

NON GMO corn is used for grain production.

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