Corn Grain Extra type

According to GOST 6002-69

Manufacturer: ╬╬╬ "Organika"

Corn Grain Extra Type

Corn grain of extra type is made by separating fruit coat and germ, used for manufacturing corn curls.

Characteristic Extra Type
Appearance milled parts of corn kernels of different forms with round sides
Colour orange
Flavour specific for corn grain, without foreign flavour
Odour specific for corn grain, without foreign odour
Moisture, %, no more than 14
Germ, %, no more than -
%, no more than 0,95
Meal, %, no more than 1,5
Trash, %, no more than 0,3
Metal foreign matter mg per 1 kg, no more than 3
Infection rate (by pests) Not infected

Application range:

  • as independent food product
  • production of beer, kvass, balsam and malt extracts;
  • production of corn curls, flakes, chips, snacks and cereal breakfast;
  • as a component for production of baby and dietary foods;

The following types of food grade corn are applicable to corn grain production: flint corn, dent, semiflint, semident.

NON-GMO corn is used for grain production

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