Extrusion-Type Corn Chemical

According to TU. U. 15.6.30903651-003-2001

Manufacturer: ╬╬╬ "Organika"

Extrusion-Type Corn Chemical

Extrusion-Type Corn Chemical is manufactured in the process of extrusion treatment of corn kernels or corn screenings, and is analog to the extrusion-type starch chemical.

The chemical is for application in:

  • drilling operations as a regulator of the solutions of different degree of mineralization;
  • foundry as a regulator of moisture of clay molded mixtures;
  • pulp and paper industry for manufacturing paper, carton, as well as fiber for making adhesive mixtures.

In manufacture of the extrusion-type drilling chemical we use corn kernels in accordance with GOST13634-90 Corn. Requirements for state purchases and deliveries. All production being sold by our company has the certificate of quality and confirms to GOST and Technical conditions of Ukraine. According to organoleptic, chemical, physical and mechanical properties, the extrusion-type drilling agent should meet with the following requirements:

Indicator name Characteristics and norms Test method
Appearance Consistent powder Visual
Colour Whitish yellowish Visual
The stabilizing capacity of the drilling solution filtering, ˝m3, no more than 8,0 According to Technical conditions of Ukraine
Swelling ability, ˝m3, no more than 8,0 According to Technical conditions of Ukraine
Grinding coarseness (through sieve with net ╣2 according to GOST 6613-86), %, no more than 99,0 According to Technical conditions of Ukraine

In what way is our chemical agent better than those analog products on the market?

  • Constant and sustained quality regulated by state standards, technical specifications, sanitary-epidemiological norms and rules;
  • Increased resistance to biological, thermal and mechanical destruction;
  • Increased stabilizing capacity of the drilling solution filtering;
  • Ecologically clean product, harmless for the environment;
  • It is the chemical agent developed to individual order that features specific properties applicable to various soil types.
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