Antiseptic agent «Frikont»

Antiseptic agent «Frikont»

“Frikont” promotes the growth of yeast due to the destruction of rivals of the yeast cell - bacteria. This preparation keeps the stability of fermentation process, provides microbiological purity of the process, which results in obtaining better alcohol yield.

Antiseptic agent «Frikont».
It is a harmless antimicrobial agent aimed at suppressing florula infection in alcohol production. The main active component of this agent is the antibiotic that is completely dissolved in the distillation-rectification process. Thus, there is no antibiotic residual found in the distillery dreg. «Frikont» features clearly expressed bactericidal action concerning gram-positive bacteria, which include lactic acid bacteria, as the main cause of florula infection in alcohol production. The drug does not suppress the vital activity of the yeast cells.

Antiseptic agent «Frikont» is designed for the following applications:

  • Food industry enterprises,
  • Distillation industry enterprises,
  • Yeast production,
  • Antiseptization of raw materials and technological media in the production of alcohol from starch-containing materials.

In comparison to the antimicrobial agents used nowadays, one of the important distinctive features of the antiseptic agent «Frikont» is its wider action spectrum in terms of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and anaerobic flora as well. The selection of agent components is performed taking into account the inevitable destruction at the final stages of production. Thus, the antimicrobial components are not found in the end products, namely in alcohol and distillery dreg. “Frikont” promotes the growth of yeast due to the destruction of rivals of the yeast cells, which are bacteria: it keeps the stability of fermentation process, provides microbiological purity of the process, which prevents alcohol lost and results in better alcohol organoleptic features. In addition, the absence of antimicrobial components in the distillery dreg does not spoil its ecological and sanitary characteristics as a cattle feed product.

Antiseptic agent «Frikont» is an effective chemical used against contaminating florula. Dosage of 1-2 g/mÇ is antibacterial for such florula as Bacterium and Lactobacillus. For other types of bacteria that can cause florula infection in process conditions such dosage will have bacteriostatic effect, which means that growth and multiplication of bacteria will be suppressed within 24 hours. The total amount of florula is decreased due to destruction of such bacteria as Bacterium and Lactobacillus and the suppression of other florula that does not have negative effect on the process, yield and quality of the end products.

Antiseptic agent «Frikont» of minimal concentrations (0.0001-0.0002%) has an antimicrobial affect on florula.

Method of preparation of working solutions and their application.
The charge is to be dissolved in 10 times bigger amount of potable water at the temperature not higher than 40 °C.
Solution of the antiseptic agent is added directly into the yeasting tank, yeast generator and fermentation tank at the rate of 1-2 g per 1 m3 of mash.

The mode and the way the antiseptic agent «Frikont» is applied.
The antiseptic agent is added to the process medium at the temperature up to 40°Ń and pH range of 3.5-7.5.

Antiseptic agent «Frikont» in alcohol production

It is recommended to use the antiseptic agent «Frikont» as a run-time chemical against bacterial contamination found, aimed at providing stabilization of the process, as well as prophylactic agent for preventing contamination of the mash. The prolonged action of «Frikont» provides decreasing of acidity during production process, increasing of yeast activity, and preventing alcohol losses. «Frikont» is especially efficient for uninterrupted cycle units during fermentation of starch-containing raw material. «Frikont» can prolong service life of process equipment between planned processes of disinfection. Thus, it decreases the number of the last ones. Antiseptic agent «Frikont» suppresses the activity of contaminating florula having no negative effect on yeast cells development. Furthermore, the growth of yeast is promoted due to the destruction of rival bacterial florula. The agent is to be dosed directly into the fermentation tanks or yeast generators.

Shipping and storage conditions. Antiseptic agent «Frikont» is to be transported in manufacturer's packages by all means of transport in accordance with shipping rules, acting for a particular type of transport. The agent is to be stored in a dry closed warehouse at the temperature ranging from 0 to 25 °C.

Shelf life. Shelf life of «Frikont» is three years.

Packaging requirements
The agent is pre-packed in polyethylene containers with covers (weight is 0.5 kg).
There is a label on each consumer package with the following information stated:

  • Manufacturer’s name and address;
  • Product identification;
  • Net weight;
  • Lot number;
  • Production date (month, year);
  • Shelf life, storage conditions;
  • Technical specification;
  • Recommendation for use.
Antiseptic agent «Frikont»
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